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Judul File Perbandingan Algoritma Naive Bayes Classifier dan C4.5 dalam Memprediksi Masa Studi Mahasiswa UIN Sunan Gunung Djati
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NIM 1137050112
Nama Penulis Indra Fallah
Deskripsi The Department of Informatics Engineering of State Islamic University Bandung has the average of percentage of students graduating on time 13,5%. While in each the new school year the quota of entered students received more increasing. Based on that, it is known that not all students can graduate on time in according to the study period, it makes increasing the numbers of students who also has the impact on increasing the amount of the data students. The Naive Bayes Classifier and C4.5 algorithms have high accuracy values and are easy to implement. The writer try to compare the Naive Bayes Classifier Algorithm with C4.5 based on data from State Islamic University of Sunan Gunung Djati of Informatics Engineering students. The attributes which is used in predicting the graduation are student ID, name, gender, GPA, entry point, tahfidz, previous school, and the extra activities during lecture. The conclusions of the analysis result of student predictions applications using the Naive Bayes Classifier Algorithm and C4.6 Algorithm are, Naive Bayes Classifier and C4.5 that is applied to predict the study period of students are running well and quite accurate, also Naive Bayes Classifier has a level of accuracy which is better than C4.5 that is 88% and 87%. While in terms of algorithm speed, the C4.5 is better than the Naive Bayes Classifier algorithm, which has the speed of 0.003 nano second and 12.7 nano second.
Tahun 2018
Tanggal Upload 08/01/2019, Pukul : 15:21:39
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